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Services Provided by Bobbin Bear Quilting Designs:
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Fran is pleased to offer the following products and services :

**Fran’s original quilt patterns (See Page 3)

**Repair/Restore quilts and Antique Quilts

**Customized classes (retail stores, clubs, individual Techniques Classes to include: 
"Color Confidence"
This class teaches how to easily select fabric for a quilt or project. It is fun. The first hour is a lecture and the second hour is hands on.

-- Hand Quilting

-- Hand Piecing

-- Machine Quilting

-- "Patchwork Basics" Fran's Own Beginner Class teaches quilting from cutting to binding.

-- Machine Applique

-- Paper Piecing

-- "Beautiful Bindings" Learn how to bind your quilt in many different ways. --Machine Quilting of Your Quilts. --Lectures- Contact me for a list of topics.

--Judging quilt show

Preparing Your Quilt for Machine Quilting

     Lining material needs to be 6-8 inches longer and wider than your quilt top. I will return all fabric and batting sent to me.

     If piecing your backing (lining) material I recommend that you have the seams down the length of the quilt top. This allows me to load the backing where I am rolling with the grain of the fabric thus causing less shrinkage. This is not required but I do find that the results are much better. I don’t mind the selvage being on the sides of the back but don’t use them in the seams. They will cause the back to not lay flat. If you do use them cut about every 2 inches to ease up on the stress.

     I do not recommend that you open the seams on the backing material. This weakens your seams and could come apart over time. For best results iron all seams flat to one side.

     Other than light pressing, your quilts are done in the condition that I receive them in. So for best results I recommend that you clip all loose threads and press your quilt top and backing material with seams laying flat.

All over Pattern: Loose: $0.025/sq inch Tight: $0.03/sq inch

All over pattern with different borders: Loose: $0.03sq inch

     Tight: $0.035/sq inch

Quilting with specific designs: Loose: $0.04/sq inch Tight: $0.045/sq inch

Example: All over Pattern Loose: 90” Width x 108” Length x .025 = $243.00

What you can expect from me as your long arm quilter:

I do lightly press your backing and quilt top before loading on the machine.

     I baste the top of the quilt to a straight line at the top and center the quilt to this. I will sew straight lines down each side and baste as I go. This keeps your quilt 99% square. If it is not square when you sent it to me chances are it will be when you get it back. I am able to quilt in some excess fabric depending on the type of quilting, however if you have very wavy borders this is when I will see it and unless I am able to quilt this in, you may need to have the borders removed and sewn back on. I have never had this happen in over 10 years.

     I seldom trim any backing fabric or batting unless you have given me so much extra that I cannot work with it without trimming. I will return all fabric and batting to you that is not used. Normally this will still be attached to the quilt for you to trim off as you like, or you can have me square up the quilt for you for a charge.

     I try to keep my basting within the ¼ seam allowance so it will be hidden when you bind the quilt but you may find it necessary to clip a few threads here and there.

     I do secure all my stitches and clip all threads so you should have a nice clean quilt to bind and enjoy.

     I use Maxi lock thread, King Tut and Superior threads. I also match the bobbin thread to the top thread but will by your request change to another color.

     My goal is to enhance your quilt with my quilting process so I take great care in the process. If I do no like something that I have attempted, I will take out the stitches and start over again. This is not something that I have had to do often, but I sometimes just do not like the effect so I remove it.

     I hope you will let me add my artistic touch and value to your quilt.

Thank you,

Fran Foskey, Bobbin Bear

Quilting Designs

Batting Inventory Available

We also carry an inventory of batting. We carry Warm and White 90" and Soft and Bright ( Warm and White company) 90" also. We also carry King (120" x 120") batting also at a great price.

If you are needing a unique program for your quilting guild or group, please contact me and I will be happy to help you decide upon a specialized program. I have made appearances at Purdue University Extension Offices and in individual homes. Please leave your information on my contact page and I will respond as soon as I get your info.

For prices of Classes/Patterns and Services, please make your request on my Contact Page 5.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best quilting service in the industry.


10417 Traders Point
Fort Wayne, IN 46845

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This is me with my Gammill Premier

Busy, Busy, Bus​y.

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